Chapter President
James J. Jorgensen, RPPO, QPA
County of Morris



1) Applicable NJ Procurement Laws, Rules and Guidelines

Local Finance Notices from the DLGS
web based resource for Local Finance Notices

2014 LPCL & NJAC Reference Handbook
Prepared by the Bloustein Local Government Research Center, Rutgers, the State University and New Jersey Division of Local Government Services

NJ Local Agency Procurement Laws
N.J.S.A. 40A:11-1 (Local Public Contracts Law)
NJ procurement laws, rules and guidelines

Political Contribution Disclosure Compliance Law
web pages for the Pay-to-Play laws, Chapter 271 and Chapter 19

NJ Local Unit Pay to Play Guide
the Chapter 19 resource guide as provided by the DCA

Public Agency Compliance
Guidelines for Administering EEO in Public Contracts Pursuant to:N.J.S.A.10:5-31 et. seq. and N.J.A.C.17:27, defines Public Agency Compliance Officer, (PACO)

Compliance Outside Local Public Contracts Law
This PDF contains material that is not intended to be used as legal advice. Individuals must consult with their own legal counsel as to the current laws', corresponding rules' and related laws' and rules' applicability to any particular situation.

New Jersey Public Contract Bid Threshold Update
Click here for information about current bid thresholds according to the New Jersey
Department of Treasury

Prevailing Wage Rates
For currrent prevailing wages use the drop down to identify the applicable county

Federal Code of Regulations
Click here for information about when procuring property and services under a Federal award. Policies and procedures for procurements.

2) Vendor Certificates and Registrations in New Jersey

Business Registration Certificate
Search here for BRC information; with links to related data

Registered Public Works Contractors
Web based search tool for identifying registered public works
contractors and sub-contractors


3) Education and Certification Sites for Governmental Purchasing

Center for Government Services at Rutgers

the main source for NJ State purchasing classes and continuing education

New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA)
this is a link to the DCA's Professional Certification Programs page

Local Finance Notice LFN 2012-9
Information regarding the QPA bill that went into effect January 2011

Universal Public Purchasing Certification Council

home page of the UPPCC, with information about the CPPB and CPPO


4) Cooperative Purchasing Links in New Jersey

State Contracts Updated in Last 10 Days
The State's most recent contracts, which easily links the entire list

Morris County Cooperative Pricing Council
the MCCPC divides the coop into three distinct categories:
spring, motor vehicles and winter

Educational Services Commission of New Jersey
(Middlesex Regional Educational Services Commission, MRESC)
Various commodities and services, membership requires resolution

HCESC Cooperative Pricing System
Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission
Various commodities and services, membership requires resolution


5) Departments and Divisions of New Jersey

New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA)
lead agency for NJ State procurement

Division of Local Government Services
budget and procurement oversight of local NJ entities

State of New Jersey Department of Treasury
this is the NJ Treasury Department's home page

State Department of Treasury, Contract Compliance
NJ Treasury Department's EEO Public Entity Contract Compliance page


6) Local and National Procurement Organizations

National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc.
the national, membership-based non-profit organization helping public
sector purchasing professionals

The Governmental Purchasing Association of New Jersey
GPANJ is a non-profit organization serving local government NJ
procurement professionals

South Jersey Chapter of the NIGP
the Southern NJ chapter's web pages

New Jersey Association of Counties
Advocates for NJ legislation, regulations, and policy directives


7) Other Governmental Websites and additional resources

NJ League of Municipalities
voluntary association created to help communities do a better
job of self-government

The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce
Site includes their Chamber News and Trenton Watch

The Green Acres Program
helping municipal and county governments acquire open space

Federal Emergency Management Agency
home page for the FEMA agency